If you like a quiet beach in the hot summer, cold winter and in between, then you will like Indian Pass.  Being located in the Florida panhandle, IP has all of the seasons.  It can get blazing hot and humid in the summer and freezing cold and damp during the winter.  And you will have all sorts of various flying objects (yellow flies, black flies & mosquitoes).  But the in between months can be great.

The waters of Apalachicola Bay, St. Joe Bay and the Gulf of Mexico provide some wonderful fishing.  The species vary from month to month depending upon the temperature of the water and the currents.

2009 Triple Tail Tournament winner - John  w/ Capt. Randall Jones & Capt. Shawn Chalker

Apalachicola Bay is recognized worldwide for providing undoubtedly the best oysters in the world.  Indian Pass has a great place to sample them - the Indian Pass Raw Bar.  The Raw Bar is the community hub at the Pass.  The oysters & shrimp are great!

 Indian Pass Raw Bar

Other places in the area to visit are Cape San Blass, the St. Joe Peninsular, Port St. Joe, Apalachicola, St. Vincent's Island and St. George Island.