Désirée & Tarp were married on March 31, 2001 at Camp Palms in Indian Pass, Florida.

In case you missed the event of the millennium here are some photos to show some of what you missed and to prove that it actually happened.
(we will post more as they become available)

Tarp, Minister (his Uncle, Dean Head), Bob and Craig
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Then, Here comes the Bride!   (escorted by big brother, Maxie)


Tarp puts the ring on Désirée's finger!
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The minister presents Mr. & Mrs. John Tarpley Head, Jr.
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Photo with their mothers -  Alethea, Désirée, Tarp and Louise
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Now it is time to cut the cake (cake by Alethea).

After the reception, the bride and groom prepare to depart.


They sail away into the sunset and live happily ever after.

Leaving behind many of the wonderful guests along with the Chief.
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Thank you to the die hards:

Jane & Earl Miller
Dan & Susan Stukas
Carol Purvis
Jim Glover
Emily Bracewell
Mirko Walther
Elizabeth Shepard
Barbara Del Gado from El Paso, TX
Mary Beth Stukas
Lori Bussey

and all of our other family and friends who pitched in to help.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude go out to everyone who supported us either in person or in spirit.  Thank you all for your prayers and for your generosity.

Désirée &  Tarp

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photos credits:  Mike Johnson, John Bracewell, Peter George, Mirko Walther,  Louise Head and Cathy Glover.